Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lukey's To Do List

Lukey's To Worry To Do List as of 1600, August 21st, 2010

1. Come up with a work plan for EusoffWorks Video Wing 2010/11

2. Figure out what to teach the new video wing new members in the coming lectures

3. Design 10-15 video related questions to ask freshmen when they come for the video wing interview next week

4. Start writing the reading journal for the Childhood and Youth subject

5. Start reading at least something for my Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Statistics for Psychology subjects

6. Attempt to deliver the remaining Block B t-shirts to residents who always seem to be not in their room, i wonder why they stay at hostel if they are half of the time somewhere else

7. Figure out where the hell can i find a child to interview in this foreign land for my assignment

8. Get something to eat as brunch (at 4 pm)

9. Participate in some psychology experiments as a requirement of being a psychology student

10. Head on down to join road relay competition for Block B next Monday

11. Try not to kill myself in the meantime amid all these work requirements


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