Saturday, August 14, 2010

To who can i share?

I feel like shit now. Who doesn't especially if you found out that a person that you told a secret to, knowing that you can trust him/her, goes out blurting to everyone about the secret you said. I am at fault too i guess, for telling that person about that little secret. So much for being your "friend".

Someone just shoot me to put me out of this misery please. I hate keeping so many things inside and being unable to pour it out due to the lack of trustworthy people in Singapore. I hate this place. I miss Ipoh.


The Korean Boy said...

Luke, if there's anythin u need to share, just look for the Korean fella... keep it cool brah.

dojef =) said...

This might be really late, but wtheck. take a look at e bright side man, at least now u know what kind of person to avoid when u need a good listener and secret keeper. i'm sure an awesome guy like u have a lot of trustworthy friends there in e lion city. Be strong! ;)

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