Monday, August 23, 2010

A Storytelling Time

A tale goes that once upon a time, in a small island far, far away, there lived a blogger. A random handsome blogger out of the millions of blogger out there wanting to be famous and earn thousands of dollars a month from his blog. Sadly, like the millions of bloggers out there, thousand of dollars per month is but a distant dream for this random guy. Even one of the basics of having a good blog, which is owning a custom domain without the, is already a momentous task for this blogger to achieve.

Along came Exabytes, a blog hosting company. The random handsome blogger have seen the name of the company before. It was during those moments when he was admiring famous blogs from famous bloggers when he noticed that under each of these blogger's blog, like and, had the same company name. Turns out that Exabytes was hosting their blog!

But how could a small random handsome blogger benefit from such a large company? The answer came from a competition called the contest currently organized by Exabytes that aims to give every blogger a free custom domain for one year along side a chance to win one iPad!

The requirements of the contest was surprisingly easy too, something not normally seen in competitions promising free things. All the random handsome blogger had to do was simple.

1. Download the above picture to his computer
2. Upload the picture to profile, not the random handsome blogger's own profile, a mistake which he did. Exabytes FB profile btw, can be found at
3. Tag five people in the picture that he had just uploaded and get all five of them to like that picture
4. Add another equally handsome guy called Michael at and notifying him of the 5 likes on the picture
5. Wait for handsome Michael to respond to his message with the coupon code and head over to Exabytes website given by handsome Michael to "purchase" the free domain name

The steps got kinda tricky after that which left the random handsome blogger utterly confused with the tons of steps that one must go through in order to get the domain. Thankfully for the random handsome blogger, he also have a pretty blogger friend who happened to be doing the same thing as him! What's even more, the pretty blogger was kind enough to upload all of the steps that was required to "purchase" the domain to her blog. All the random handsome blogger had to do was to head over to her blog at and carefully follow the step to step guide there. So easy!

Random Handsome Blogger's pretty friend, Roslynn! Sorry if i took the picture without prior permission :p
And after that, what is left to do was to be patient, which the random handsome blogger sorely lacked. He did not know that it will take at least 24 hours before the custom domain can come online and went around panicking after 15 minutes when he still could not see his custom domain online. He did everything a panicky random handsome blogger could do, including Googling every single concern and sending tons of messages to Exabytes. Thankfully, the friendly staff from Exabytes were there for him, assuring and guiding him through the process of getting his domain set up.

A word of note though, as this custom domain does not come with the necessary DNS clearance, bloggers who were previously using blog hosting websites like must email the Exabytes stuff in order for them to do the DNS pointing so you would not lose all your previous blog post. On top of that, the blogger also must also change the settings in Blogger so that hits on the previous blog address will redirect to the new domain. More info at

Alas, all stories must come to an end. The custom domain is finally up and the random handsome blogger is feeling more handsome-er than ever with his new domain name, It's much more memorable and narcissistic as compared to the old address, It's also a much better way to boost the ego too. Of course, there's a whole long story behind the reason for the new domain name, but that's for another story, another blog post. Now, what's remaining is for the random handsome to do is to copy and paste the link of this blog post into the photo album of Exabytes in hopes of getting an iPad!

Don't you think an iPad would be great as another way to further boost the handsome-ness of the random handsome blogger together with the domain name

Perhaps even more handsome-er than Steve Jobs :p


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