Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh hair, please dry...

I realize that i mostly update my blog when i'm waiting for my hair to dry after a bath. A not very normal bath considering that it's already 2 am in the morning. It's the only time that i'm free so, yeah, that explains why Lukey's Rantings gets updated around after 12 am daily. I guess this is the kind of life style that someone will experience after stepping into university. They have this course that teach you the basics of vampirism, which is sleeping late and avoiding the sunlight whenever you can. Explains why there are so many Twilight fans around university.

Alright, i'm blabbering again. I get distracted and wander off so easily when i'm writing typing. 

Anyways, i should seriously stop sleeping at such ungodly hours. Sleeping after 12 am everyday only means more eye bags and being unable to focus in class. Not a very good thing considering that i need good results to graduate. Maybe i should bring my mum over. She's the only thing can make me go to bed on time back in my hometown. The nagging never fails to work.

Or perhaps i could arrange for one of my friend to club my head with a hammer every night at 11 pm. Either way, i could go to sleep on time and not continue this life style of updating my blog every night morning while waiting for my hair to dry. Seriously not good for my results.



Grow ba, grow ba, grow ba! Keke. I like the vampirism part :)


err... I don't think clubbing your head will be good for your studies either. lols.

I slept at 2 almost everyday too...

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