Friday, November 19, 2010


Time flies, doesn't it? In a blink of an eye, i'm already approaching the end of my first semester as a sophomore in NUS. It only seems like yesterday when i first arrived in Singapore, blur and unsure as usual about my university life ahead. And it only seems like the day before yesterday when i was still in high school, worried that i have to leave school and work early thanks to my not so good academic records.

Perhaps if i blink my eyes again, i would be graduating already and entering the working world. The time of many uncertainty as i struggle to find a job and a place to live. Not to mention all the sudden adult responsibilities like insurance, mortgages, rents, bank accounts that is suddenly thrust upon you.

Blink again and if i'm lucky, my wedding day! Walking down the aisle with the girl woman i love, looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her, raise a few handsome kids like myself in the process and start a happy family of our own. And no matter what happens, hold on tight to the "til death do us part" vow.

Blink and that's when the real headache starts! The first kid has arrived and suddenly we're parents! And there's a whole lot of responsibilities that come with the kid, that's for sure. There's the milk supply, diapers supply and who's gonna do the potty training to worry about. And before long, you'll be worrying about which school to send them too, will they turn out to be good children and are they performing in school, those kind of stuff. Not forgetting those piano lessons and tuition.

Blink blink. The kids are now at university or working and finally, i can look forward to quiet days at home. Or maybe go do something that i have always wanted since i'm a free man again. Ah, the smell of retirement is so sweet, ain't it? Perhaps life would not be exciting as the pre-retirement days, but a bit of rest is always welcomed. And if i'm still healthy, perhaps i can go round the world twice with my wife.

A final blink and if i'm lucky, lying on my death bed surrounded by my entire family and friends. And if i'm lucky x2, i could close my eyes and die a happy man, without regrets and finally be able to meet my maker after a long journey in life.

And there you go. A simple summary of life in a few blinks. Of course, what i have just said would be the ideal blink version. There's a lot of other factors not yet taken into account yet, like whether if i will get hit by a car, killed by a robber, died of a heart attack, kidnapped by aliens or jumped from a building. But that's a different story, with less blinks of course, but that i'll leave it up to my maker to decide. For now, i'm gonna have to get back to studying to ensure that if i blink, i will end up graduating and not begging in the streets.



your blink story too normal liao lar... you're meant for greater things Lukey~!


I just blinked 66 times while reading your post lol.


How I wish I can the remote in click and skip the studying part yet I get to graduate :P

Albert said...

Just live life to the fullest. One day's burden is enough for one day to carry. Life goes on. Never think too much


yeah that's life. yikes.


so....don't blink too much? ^^

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