Saturday, November 6, 2010

Toy Story 3, again

Since today was Deepavali, the ENG-NUS gang (which stands for Eusoff Nerdie Gang, NUS and that's how we call ourselves) decided that it would be great for us to take a break from the hectic lifestyle of a university student. And we decided that a great way to de-stress would be to relieve our childhood. The innocent and carefree days.

So we decided to watch Toy Story 3.

Well actually the first movie choice was Megamind, the new animation from Dreamworks but since there was no possible way we can watch it except if we go to a cinema and buy a movie ticket, we settled for Toy Story 3 instead. Besides, Pixar's movies are usually better than Dreamworks (remember Shrek?).

Our movie theater, which in reality is our hostel block common room/lounge
Although this is my second time watching it, i still find the movie hilarious. Of course, the feel is not as awesome as watching it in the cinema, partly because the speakers in the lounge seems to be sick with some kind of illness, but i still enjoyed it. It's good to take a breather sometimes away from all the demands of studies. And what better way to do it than to watch a comedy with friends and laugh your hear out?

I love ENG-NUS. I love how impromptu and spontaneous we can be sometimes. Like deciding to watch a movie to de-stress out of nowhere. We're the only bunch crazy enough to stay awake until 3 am in the morning watching Toy Story although all of us still needs to wake up early tomorrow.

And like how the bunch of toys in Toys Story 3 decides to stick together til the very end, i hope we will too. And maybe we can make our own movie next time. The ENG-NUS story. Wait, that's too corny. Maybe we should name it The Nerd Story. Or the Handsome Story.



simi ENG-NUS?

and how come you threw away disqus ar?

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