Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm happy cuz... I got a brown box!

I'm feeling happy today. Not because that i have officially finished all my assignments (still have one 1800 word essay lying around) or a pretty girl confessed to me, but because i received a brown box package today!

Don't be deceived by the box's seemingly normal look, like they say never judge a box by it's cover because what lies inside is not books, clothes nor sanitary pads but the iPad! (Ok, i admit that was a bit lame)

 Even better, it's free! Yeap, not even a single cent spent to get the iPad.

All i did was just click a link on Facebook that said i won an iPad. And i thought it was one of those scams that make you click dangerous links under the pretext of winning a competition. "Click to win an iPad!" or "Shoot five zombies to win!". Turns out it was true indeed!

Just joking.

If you have been a follower of this blog, you would remember about me blogging about this Exabytes thing and how i got my free domain from them. And guess what, not only i got a free domain, my blog entry was chosen as the most creative entry to win the grand prize too, a brand new 16GB iPad! Talk about good luck!

Very much thanks to Exabytes, for choosing me to be the first ever winner for this competition. Very much thanks to my parents for giving birth to me and passing down the handsome genes to me too. Bwahaha....

And of course, what's a celebration post without photos?

Ladies and gentleman, presenting to you, the iPad and Lukey! Courtesy of Exabytes! They even had my name engraved on the iPad! (which means there's no way i can resell it outside :p)

Okay, i guess three pictures would be more than enough for me to show off a bit. And now that i'm done with this post, time for me to unwrap the iPad and check the contents out!


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