Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm pretty darn bored

I must admit that i'm pretty bored right now. Not that i do not have anything to do, in fact i have an exam tomorrow, but somehow there isn't much mood in me to do anything. There's isn't anything to study for that module anyway, because all the lecturer wants is for us to memorize a whole bunch of readings, including the author's name, the name of the reading, when it is written, who's the publisher, the author mum and dad's name, the author's address and phone number.

Just joking. We're required to remember only the article's name and the author name but i still find it kinda pointless. Aren't we supposed to remember what was written in the article, the content of it, rather than if the author has a surname same as mine? I'm sure a lot of lecturers don't have a database of 100 articles in their brain too. Why torture us students over this matter then?

Well, since it's my last paper tomorrow, i'm throwing in the towel already. Besides, i have much more important stuff to do. Like reaching level 40 for my priest tomorrow.


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