Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Can't Average Guys be Great Boyfriends too?

A female friend of me recently remarked about how guys who knows how to sing perfectly (or have any artistic talents, in that sense) would make great boyfriends. Or at least have a greater deal of market value, so to say.

Explains why Adam Lambert has so many female fans although he is gay. Because he knows how to sing.
Guys like me, for example, who only knows how to write blog posts and have no idea how to belt out a perfect rendition of Bruno Mar's "Just The Way You Are" while playing the piano at the same time are automatically relegated to the "unsuitable" boyfriend or "friends only" category by girls.

Sadly, it's not only the girls who only thinks that to be a great boyfriend, you must know how to sing like Bruno Mars or be able to dance like. Guys think the same way too!

Somehow, we all think that in order to have a chance of nailing the girl we like and to not live a lonely uncle  life, we all have to be at least able to show to show off some skills or talents to attract the girls we like. Which is why the enrollment for dance or singing classes are always at a all time high.

Allow me to ask one question.

What does a freaking talent have to do with being a great boyfriend?

Will your boyfriend be less likely to cheat on you if he is a great actor? And does a boyfriend who knows how to sing very well also knows how to love and respect his girlfriend in the right way? Does dating a awesome dancer means there will be less argument in a relationship? Will the quality of the relationship improve if your boyfriend happens to be the Britain's Got Talent competition?

I'm pretty sure that the answer is mostly no.

I'm not saying that talented guys make sucky boyfriends, i'm just merely wondering why whenever we consider possible soul mates candidates, we have to look for various reasons on why we should love them and why they would make the perfect candidate.

What matters in a relationship are values like loving a girlfriend deeply, respecting her and being always there for her. It's things like this that sustains and maintains the relationship, not your grade eight in piano lesson. And values like this are definitely unobservable and unmeasurable, but it doesn't we do not have them.

What i'm trying to say here is that we as the average guys, the ones that sings in odd pitches and only knows how to randomly whack the musical instrument, are no different than those who can sing til glass shatters and belt out Beethoven's entire composition with their eyes closed. We can make good boyfriends too.

In fact, anyone can make a great boyfriends. Including the guy who only knows how to vent out his feelings on a miserable blog. And yes, i'm self-promoting here. Goodnight.


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