Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stop and Stare

I can't help but feel dread as i look at my calendar from this week onwards. All these upcoming activities, commitments and school work is beginning to make me feel that perhaps i may have asked for more than i could handle. A conservative estimate of what i'm expected to do all the way til December includes:-

1. Dance practices four times a week, two hours per session which means eight total hours of dance practices every week

2. Two presentations for tutorial classes

3. One footage of an interview with a child and an accompanying essay of about 2000 words that describes and explains the interview

4. One short film project. Am looking at minimal 10 hours of filming and 10 hours of editing. Brainstorming session and script writing not included

5. 20 marks worth of a continuous assessment that i have yet to start

6. Few thousand pages of readings that will be coming alongside with the classes and lectures

7. Keeping EusoffWorks video production afloat

8. Eusoff Voluntary Corps service every now and then

With so much things to worry about, i'm thinking that maybe i should keep a fire extinguisher with me wherever i go.

You know, in case of a burn out.


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