Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

Yeap, so today is my birthday. Frankly, i have completely forgotten about it until one of my friend reminded me of it a few hours before the clock actually hit 12. I guess the busy schedule did a very good job on distracting me away from my birthday's arrival.

However, although the birthday wasn't really pretty much on my mind, my friends certainly did not forgot about it. And i'm really proud to call them my friends, even though i don't act very much like one sometimes. They're the people that remembered my birthday when i have forgotten it.

And being my friends, they certainly know what gifts to buy. And what else would you give a perasan self-praise guy who owns a blog praising himself handsome all the time?

A Self Praise Mirror, of course!

Not forgetting all the self praise messages inside.

Out of the many few presents that i ever got during my birthdays in life, i must say that this is one that seriously WIN. Love it to bits. Thanks ENG-NUS!

In fact, now that i have the present, i find myself hooked unto it all the time. You can't be the most desired man every day, you know. So much so that my laptop have became something like this.

Some friends have asked me what special celebration that i'm planning for today. Not much, i can say, given that the day had to fall on Monday, a day which i have to submit my reading assignments. Not to mention having to go through a few TBs (terabytes) of files for EusoffWorks archiving and a dance practice from 11pm til 1am. So, for my birthday celebration, i think i'll just look at the mirror the whole day and feel good about myself.

Yeah man, i AM handsome. For 11.10.2010 at least. :p


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