Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Malaysia's First Lady singing eh!

I love Malaysia...

...for all the funny things the politicians put us through. 

Like asking Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansur aka Malaysia's First Lady aka Najib's wife to come up with a music video of her singing If Tomorrow Never Comes.

Whoa, so Malaysian politicians or their family have to do singing too now in order connect with the voters? Or are they trying to search for alternative careers before GE13 before UMNO gets booted out?

Honestly, no matter how hard i try to think of a valid reason, i just simply cannot comprehend why would our first lady suddenly choose to sing a love song like this.

Affected by our neighbors, Singapore,  i presume?
(I'm referring to the recent passing of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew)

Perhaps the international attention generated regarding the loving relationship between Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew prompted Najib to do something similar to in an attempt to show that he too, can be as loving as MM Lee. And maybe grab some attention for himself. Or portray that Malaysians too, can come up with touching stories regarding political leaders.

Although i must say the kind of attention this video is generating is heading the opposite way based on the comments received in Youtube...

Malaysia seriously boleh la...
I wonder if ISA would be used on the people who posted this on Youtube?

P/s: The video got deleted soon after it was uploaded. Luckily some kind souls managed to download the video and upload it again soon after it was taken down.
Check out the other version here:-


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