Saturday, October 2, 2010

Razer Power Gaming Suite Giveway

I am a hardcore gamer. So hardcore in fact, until I could stay up the whole night, skip my sleep and even skip bathing myself just so i could enjoy a few moments of slaying my enemies in DOTA and hear the sound of "Monster Kill!", "Owning!" or "You are so handsome!" coming from the speakers.
(I made the handsome sentence up, btw)

However, as hardcore as I am, there is one thing that i find severely lacking in my career as a hardcore gamer.

A totally badass gaming machine.

For us gamers, having a kickass gaming station rather than an-ass-get-kicked one makes all the difference for us. Just as how a footballer wants the best ball and boots, we also want the best gaming machine to give us the best gaming experience. However, not many of us could afford to indulge in getting a great machine for ourselves.

I for one, come from an very average family which means i do not have the luxury to splurge on my hardware and can only make do with what I have, which in my case, happens to be a HP Laptop along with everything HP. A HP keyboard, a HP mouse, a small HP laptop screen, you get the idea.

My not so hardcore gaming machine
My HP Probook 4310s, which happen to be 2 years old already, btw
So when Xian You, one of my hardcore mates (no hidden meaning intended) told me that Razer, one of the leading companies in producing the best computer gaming hardware, is giving away lots of totally awesome gaming suite in conjunction with their 133 337 fans in Facebook with no strings attached, i finally see a part of my dream coming true.

You heard me right, no strings attached. You don't need to come up with a video, write an awesome blog post (i happen to be the special guy) or jump through a ring of fire to be able to win the gaming suite offered by them. All you have to do is to visit their site at:- 
and fill up only your name, email and country (you have to verify your email after that, to prove that it's you, of course) to be in the running to win yourself an awesome Razer Gaming Suite. Just like that!

And if you're not happy with just one prize, you can also refer 10 of your friends to have another chance at winning another 1337 prizes, only by Razer. Yeap, a total of two chances to win great prizes from Razer. All you have to do for the second part of the game is to just share a unique link that is given to you by Razer in your Facebook account and hope that 10 of your friends click it. That easy.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link above now and start winning!


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