Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hell is...

Everyone has their own definition of what hell is. I have mine too!

For this week, my definition of hell is...

Hell is having three presentations due this week, on three consecutive days, and you only start preparing the slides one day before your due presentation.

Hell is when you have to come up with a 10 minute short film (which honestly, is freaking hard to make) and you have just shot only the first scene. Not to mention that the due that is six days away.

Hell is having a talent performance in 3 days time and the first practice is just tomorrow. And you're expected to win, by the way.

Hell is the inability to touch even one of your readings this week due to all the other commitments you must fulfill.

Hell is having an additional 8 hours of dance practice and another few hours of a percussion troupe practice together with all the previous points.

Hell is not having someone to share all your troubles and stress with and you have a hanging suspicion that this will be a lonely road to walk.

Hell is when your sleeping time isn't so much a sleeping time anymore, with sleep hours like 4 am and waking up at 2 pm earliest.
Hell is realizing that you are still blogging away when you know you should be getting every minute of sleep you can due to the ridiculous schedule you have this week.


When this week ends, i could proudly say that i have made it to hell and came back alive. If i managed to survive, that is.

Oh well, since i'm gonna experience hell this week anyway no matter how much i want to run (and i definitely wouldn't run or my journey as a university student ends here), i might as well go in with a bang.

Maybe i can do shout some spirit lifting quotes before throwing my head in. Even if i die, at least i'll get remembered for the epic-ly handsome face that i put in before charging in to my death. Like how King Leonidas did it in The 300.

*charges in with textbooks flinging, laptop by my side and two panda eyes*


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