Monday, March 21, 2011

Be Thankful

My lecturer for emotional psychology did an very interesting thing today. Not that he never does anything interesting, but for today's lecture, he told us that we were a lucky bunch to be born in such a good country and in such a good time as compared to the rest of the humans in the entire history.

Among the reasons that why we are so lucky, according to Sage Eddie Tong (that's what he calls himself whenever he talks philosophically) is because we weren't born in darker times of history or place like:

- in Mexico during the ancient times, where we would be captured by the Aztecs and have our heart dug out as a sacrifice to the Aztec gods

- during the dark ages in Europe, where we would be falsely accused of practicing witchcraft and be burned alive

- in the 1400s in England where our home is constantly threatened by the barbarians and we have to survive on eating whatever we can find

- during the time of the Roman civilization where we would be captured by the Romans and forced to be a gladiator, fighting against the animals for the entertainment of others until the day we die, which normally is around the age of 30 or so

- in the 1800s in Africa, where we would be captured by colonialists and sold as a slave to America, forever separated from our families and homeland

- during the World War 2 where we would be forcibly enlisted as one of the Allied marines and have our head shot with a machine gun when we are landing on the Normandy beaches

- in the 1970s in India where we would be kidnapped as a child, have our limbs amputated and forced to beg the streets for a living

- in the 1980s in North Korea where we would be sent to a concentration camp where the only offense we did was to listen to a South Korean pop song

There's a lot more that he gave during the lecture, but what's what I can roughly remember along with some addition of my own. So, are you feeling pretty lucky now? And do you have any others to add? Do drop a comment below :)



I agree^^ but say the wrong thing and you may b blown up with C4! o.O"

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