Thursday, March 17, 2011

The SDD Vol. 2 Adventures of DoriLukey (Episode 6 - The Final Prologue)

Every great movie has an awesome trailer,

Every good book has an prologue that captures your attention,

And like any other nice things in life, a good blog post would need a goo prologue too to get you guys and girls interested in reading this humble blog of mine. 

And acting as an introductory to my upcoming post about the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 (SDD2) Finals that took place last Saturday, March 12th at Sentosa Wavehouse, here's a short summary video that I made for the event. To give you all a flavor of what it's like during the finals and also to give you all a taste of what is coming in my final SDD Vol. 2 Adventures blog post.

And no, I'm not being lazy by using this video to write a short blog post. The editing alone of this video took me two full days. People now think I'm an endangered panda thanks to those eye bags I have now. Ugh. Having a perfectionist personality is soooo health damaging.

But anyways, hope you enjoyed the video and do stay tuned for what's coming next, Lukey's Final Journey!

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