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The SDD Vol. 2 Adventures of DoriLukey (Episode 7 - The Sentosa Showdown)

After days of tiring journey, I have finally arrived at the place where the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 Finals is about to take place, Sentosa Island! The place with four beaches, a museum, some roller coasters, an underwater world, a casino and loads of pretty girls in hot swimsuits.

As this happens to be one of the final laps in my SDD2 blogging journey and also happens to be my first time attending such a big event, I was nervous all the way down. So nervous in fact, that I think the butterflies in my stomach turned into bees or something.

But it wasn't me alone who was excited about the event though. The Merlion was too.

I must admit that that was the time I have ever seen the Sentosa Merlion greet me in such a way.

And with the Merlion's blessing with me, I'm off again on my journey to the place where the SDD2 finals would be held, Sentosa Wavehouse! The only place in Singapore that you can find waves aside from my bathtub when I release ahem, air.

It was not only me who was on this quest though. If you have been following the past episodes (sound like some drama series now) you would remember that there were 10 other handsome and pretty bloggers who joined this competition together with me. And I happened to bump into them while I was walking towards Sentosa Wavehouse.

Like they said, a little company is better than none right? So we all decided to head over to place together.

I must say that walking with a group of bloggers is a completely new experience for me though. I've never been to a bloggers gathering before so I have really little idea on how to act as one. Something really interesting that I noticed about being a blogger is the passion for taking photos.

In fact, everyone in the picture who happens to be holding a camera is a blogger itself. Maybe we should start calling ourselves photobloggers rather than just bloggers alone. Sound so much more sophisticated. I'll be called the handsomephotoblogger by the way, since I have the word handsome in my blog.

Okay, enough of digressing, let us now move on to the real topic of the day, 
Singapore Dance Delight Vol 2!!!!!!!!
(the exclamation marks is to give the Sheikh Haikel effect. He's the emcee of the night by the way, and he's dang awesome! Will introduce you to him later)

Entry this way please!

And to make this year's SDD uniquely different, the organizers have decided to let the audience enjoy the seaside plus romantic beach scenery, lazing on the beach chair while watching the show...

The special place where the audience will get to enjoy the show

... while the contestants are required do dance on the waves to prove that they are the best dancers out there.

The place where the 20 teams are required to dance on

Just joking.

This isn't some dance movie like Step Up 3 for all I know. There's water involved with the stage, but no to such extent. In fact, the stage for the night looks pretty much like this:

 You might want to watch your steps though while you're dancing. Or you'll end up dancing together with the fishes. A top view from the stage would be something like this:

I told you that there will be water involved with the stage right?

And with the introduction of the stage complete, let us move on to the main event of the day. Dancing! And who better to kick of the event than the legendary Sheikh Haikel himself? THE man who rocks the stage without fear and the man who reminds me of many exclamation marks. F&N couldn't have chosen a better emcee than him. When he talks, people listen. And laugh too :)

 Oh yeah, not forgetting that the teams need to walk the red carpet first and have their photo taken for the media! Like I said, this event is no small simple school level type of event. Alright everyone, smile for the cameras please!

That's The Basic Fives and BOTS by the way, the two teams that I was assigned to cover for the entire duration of SDD2. Aren't they cute? And yes, I'm being biased here. But I believe that you wouldn't have the time to go through all 20 teams' photos right?

Seeing all the teams dressed up so nicely sure got me excited about their item. Your costume do play a role in bringing out your dance and making it look nice. You can't imagine a team dancing in singlets and shorts right, at least for the hip hop genre.

Before we begin there's still two things that must be done in order for the show to run smoothly.

Firstly, the audience must get warmed up first. So they can be hyper, enthusiastic and scream their lungs out when watching the dance. The last thing that you would want is to have a dead audience who just know how to sit quietly and look bored when you have awesome teams performing on stage.
So in order to get everyone hyped up, the audience was asked to perform on the stage too!

That's Sheikh Haikel going through some basic rules with the chosen ones. And telling them that there's Far East Movement tickets up for grabs! And whaddya know, most of the people there can dance really well too! Maybe there's a big motivation coming from the Far East Movement tickets.

Even the small kid dances better than me. Ugh.

It was not only the audience that was require to perform on stage though. Even the judges have too. It was to introduce them to the rest of the people there and to let us see how good the judges actually are.

I just only want to say that if the judges joined the competition, they would have completely swept the prizes. Which is why they are judges I guess.

That's Tatsuo, one of the four finals judges showing off his moves. We have Machine, Dominique and Ryan as the rest of the judges too! It's a shame I did not get all of their pictures together because I was too busy recording their dance item on video. You can check out the video that I did later to see their awesome dance!

The stage is set, the audience is hyped up, the judges have been introduced and now let the fun begin!

For the first team, all the way from the Philipines, we have Team Elite!

And coming up second, we have the Fantastic Forze Crew!

I must say that the one thing that captured my attention the most was the their face painting. Totally tribal and suits their dance so much.

And after Fantastic Forze Crew, we have our bums burning thanks to the Burning Bums couple team!

When you see them dance, you can so totally feel the chemistry between them. From what I see, they are not dancing because of the competition, they are dancing because they enjoy dancing with each other. And watching them dance just makes you wanna go "awww....".

Which is why they won the second prize for the night. A good mixture of whacking and pooping along with the heartwarming and romantic chemistry, they deserve the prize.

And that was the move that sealed their placing. I heard that they are engaged too! How sweet!

And performing fourth we have Major Jam! If you see them dancing confirm traffic jam!

Next up, we have Go Go Funky Rangers! And they're one of the foreign teams all the way from Indonesia.

And yeap, they are funky alright with all those insane locking moves. It's such a shame that they did not dressed up as power rangers. But I enjoyed their style a lot. Funky and funny yo!

And after the rangers, we have BOTS!

Comprising of seven guy members, they have a pretty tight choreography for the finals and I know that it's not easy to get seven members dancing completely in sync with each other. In dance, the more people your group have, the harder it is to achieve total synchrony among the group.

But still, BOTS managed to pull that off. Although they have a really fast song with a lot of hits, freezes and rapid movements here and there, the whole group still manages to look as one. If I'm in their group, you can bet I will be standing out like a sore thumb because of all my missed moves.

Next up, we have the Harlequinn.

If there was one group that managed to scare me during SDD2, it was Harlequinn .

You can't blame me though. The scary face paint along with their expressions and their dance moves were designed to do just that purposes.

And after being scared like crazy, it's good to cheer up a bit right? And what better group to do that other than an all girls group called Rough Addicts! *Whistles*

And like BOTS, they have 7 members too! Hmm...

Moving on, we have Sickin Freaks next.

And after Sickin Freak we have The Basic Fives!

Yeap, the group that I was assigned to cover as part of my SDD2 blogging journey. And I must say that they are TOTALLY awesome. It's not surprising that one of my hall's dance choreographer, Nicole Tay, loves them so much.

If I am to say anything, I would say that it's such a shame that they did not win anything from the competition. I was seriously expecting them to win at least something.

Their dance choreography, their synchrony and their expression were all there. Even many of the audience were wowed by their performance. It was entertaining and tight at the same time.

Well perhaps the judges were looking for something else but for me, I am officially a fan of them now!

After the Basic Fives, we have The Zoo Thailand!

Explosive, intense and lots of back skipping. That was The Zoo Thailand.

From the start of their dance and all the way to the end, they managed to keep the audience going with their barrage of insane moves. And the choreography of the dance was something new that you don't always get to see in the Singaporean dance scene. It's original, if you could say that.

And perhaps that's why the third placing belongs to them.

Size Zero was up next.

Followed by F4C Stars.

And after them you have Singapore's pioneer in the House style type of dancing, Househead!

And the team that came later swept the crowd away. You can't blame them though, they were the champions last year after all and yes they're none other than Joyce and the Boys.

That's Joyce

And these are her boys

My only comment?

Spoil market.

Popping, locking, whacking and a little bit of lyrical, those were among the different dance styles that were incorporated into their dance. From the moment they started their dance all the way until the end, there wasn't a moment the audience weren't shouting.

And it wasn't surprising that they won again this year given their ability to hold the crowd, entertain and combine so many styles into one awesome performance. And I guess one could say that you know that they are going to win already the moment they finished their item. Because their level is just overkill.

And after watching the winning performance from Joyce and the Boys, we have Free Frag up next. They would give you a free grenade if you want.

And after Free Frag, the team that won the special prize, Hit The Speed Limit was next.

Dressed up as police officers with shades, they are a group that managed to put a lot of funny dance moves together with their music. And looking at the photos, you could say that they were dressed to make you laugh. And that's the point of their dance moves too. Wacky, funny and entertaining.

And original too, looking at the way of how they managed to make popping comical. I especially loved the alien part where they used their moves to simulate some alien UFO rising up.

They deserved the special prize.

And for the last three groups, we have I.M

And the Flair Brothers

And lastly, Sonic Vibe.


In short, the finals for Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 was totally mindblowing and awesome. The top 20 teams each brought their strengths and uniqueness to the stage and as part of the audience, I must say that all the 20 teams had me entertained for the entire event.

And not forgetting F&N too, for providing unlimited supply of sparkling juices for us thirsty audience.


Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2, like how Sheikh Haikel would say, was DOPE! Totally enjoyed the blogging journey thanks to F&N. And many thanks to the bloggers that made this event a success too!

It was FUN!

And I guess with this ends our sseven episode blog journey of SDD2 then. I might be blogging some more about SDD2 and F&N fun in general but not under this title anymore. And if I'm lucky, I might win the highly sought after Osaka tickets. Wish me luck!

This is Lukey signing off.

Check out the rest of the photos that I took for the event at and


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