Monday, March 21, 2011

Signs that your life isn't exactly going on smoothly

1. You have piled up readings that you have not touched all the way from Week One until now. Now is already Week 10

2. Your bank account is left with 50 dollars

3. The client is not happy with the freelance work that you did for them in attempt to earn some money to counter the 50 dollars problem

4. The 172 dollars that you checked out from your blog earnings is nowhere to be seen

5. The last time you had a full 8 hours sleep was 3 months ago

6. You have no idea what your priorities in life are anymore

7. You spend more time on Twitter, Facebook and DOTA than studies and commitments

8. You know that something is wrong but you're too lazy to care and even if you do care, you're too lazy to do anything about it

9. Procrastination is currently your number one best friend in life

10. Your fan is so thick with dust that every time you turn on the fan, it looks like it's snowing. Except that the snow happens to be black

11. Hygiene is probably the last thing you have in your mind right now. And so is studies

12. You can spend an entire day pressing F5 on your internet browser but can't even last a minute reading your textbook

13. Your phone refuses to display the amount of battery it has left accurately

14. The only free day that you will have is 2 years down the road, when you graduate

15. The person that you like doesn't like you and the person that you don't like likes you


*In Simple Plan's music tone*

Welcome to my life!



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