Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to write a ridiculously long essay assignment

Have an incredibly long essay assignment to write? Do not know how to start? Stumped by the endless possibilities how you you can write it? Afraid that what you have written is not enough to garner the sufficient marks that you want?

 Well fear not, because Lukey is here!

Thanks to my ongoing battle with this Sociology essay assignment i have to write, i have come to reach enlightenment of the ways you can write your essay once you have received the assignment from your lecturer. They are:

1. The Early Bird Method

Like they say, the early bird gets the worm. The best way but also the least used way. 

Once you get the assignment from your lecturer, start straight away. Hit the books, dig up materials and prepare everything that you need for the assignment. The structure, the argument, everything. By the time your friends start worrying about the assignment, you would have already done yours and proof read it for the 100th time already. The grade A is as good as in your hands already.

This method however, requires you to forgo everything in life except your assignment like Facebook, blogging, co-curricular activities, entertainment and even friends. All these things only serve as a obstacle barring you from getting your assignment done early.

2. The Anyhow Method

Perhaps the most used method by students, this method involves doing everything except your assignment until the very last minute. And by last minute it's something like one day before the submission or 20 minutes before it.

Although using this method involves a lot of stress and hair pulling in trying to reach the deadline, many students still use it because by the time you're worrying about the deadline, you would not be worrying about the quality of the assignment anymore. Stuff like whether you have enough citations or is your assignment structured enough makes no importance as long as you complete it.

Which is why the method is call the anyhow method. You will anyhow do the assignment without referring to anything and without any prior preparation because you only have one goal in mind which is just finish the assignment.

3. Don't care!

Who cares, it only worth 15 marks anyway. I better be off doing something productive like planting some peashooter to ward of the zombies that want to attack my room.



thanx for the tips :)


HAHAH but still I don't think that two tips work for me though ): I'm too lazy sighhh I need zombies to eat my brains HAH


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