Thursday, May 19, 2011

FS - Interesting Formspring Questions

 I thought of writing one long post of why I die die don't want to graduate early from NUS but since it's already 2.12 am and I still have programmes meeting tomorrow, I think I shall leave it to another day where I have more time (a day that I didn't play 3 DOTA matches at one, preferably).

But still, the oath of Blogger Consistency that I took refrains me from slacking (unless I'm trapped at some godforsaken island with no internet) so no matter what, I have to die die come up with a post today. And for the post today, I went to Formspring, chose some funny questions that were collecting dirt, and answered it, Lukey style.

Q: Is your cock big?
A: Well, I have not compared it with others before nor taken a ruler to measure it so I don't know what is considered big for a cock. But I could let you take a peep though, for 100 bucks that is if you're a guy. Free if you're Megan Fox / Emma Watson / any hot chick. 


Q: Do you masturbate?

A: The politically correct answer would be NO, since it's wrong to do so according to religion and I want to appear as the innocent cute boy but then again, this question is too private. Another 100 bucks please if you want to know the answer. Free again if you're a hot chick, depending on your purpose of asking XD

Oh wait, what is masturbating anyway?


Q: I've got a friend who has a crush and i personally think that her crush likes her back. but her crush is moving to Australia and her crush is making us play chess games with him and would tell us who he likes if we win. what should we do? Cuz we cant win.

A: A chess game, seriously? A chess game? And even if he does tell you, what are you gonna do if he really does like your friend? Because no matter how I see it, this thing couldn't end nicely, long distance relationship is a pain to maintain.

But for the sake of closure, skip the stupid chess game and ask him straight away. If he's keen on telling, he would tell. But what happens after that, well you can ask me a question after you get an answer from him. Just don't play chess. Maybe strip poker or DOTA, but never chess.


Q: What do you think is the point of swear words?

A: For me to say something like, "Why the F*** am I getting all these questions?!". Else, swear words are normally used to express feelings that normal English words can't.

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