Saturday, May 21, 2011

FS- End of the World Wish

Long day #1 ended fairly well today, thank goodness. But longer day #2 tomorrow has not started yet, un-thank goodness. My slides for the talk are mediocre at best (I wonder I managed to survive school presentation last time) and already I'm expecting the worst from tomorrow's talk. Something like the organizers coming up the stage to stop me half way because my talk is that bad. Or me getting fired as the blogger mentor.

Not only that, I'm also already expecting the worst from tomorrow's cabinet swearing in ceremony. What if my dress code is wrong? What if I ended doing something stupid during the swearing in?  Or what if I took the wrong bus and end up at the swearing in of other events?

Pessimistic, I am but you can't blame me for expecting the worst out of everything. I was raised to think like that. Blame my upbringing. I think I'm gonna answer a Formspring question to cool some steam off. And the question I got is:

What would your last wish be if tomorrow was the end of the world?

Honestly? I wish for world peace. That we would stop fighting and start loving each other. Eh, wait, if there world is gonna end what's the point of loving each other anyway. Everyone would just die in the end so there's really no point. Besides, that answer is too politically correct.

What I really want?

Call me a romantic sissy but what I really want is for the girl that I love to say that she loves me back too and for us to spend the last hours together. That's all. I'll die a happy man if like that.

I don't mind some hot passionate sex though in the process. Because I don't really want to die a virgin. But then again, I might get sent to hell so I might want to reconsider that.

But if the girl I love doesn't love me back (which is what usually happens), my wish is to have my blog hit a million users in one day and have everyone calling me handsome. Just for once. Then I'll die a happy man. And a handsome one too.


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