Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why You Should Join Eusoff Halls EGGposure Camp 2011

Returning again for the second time this year on 25th to 27th of May 2011, the Eusoff Hall Exposure (EGGPosure) Camp 2011 (or also known as Camp Yellow Fever 2011) is set once again to bring the best of Eusoff Hall to any potential NUS Freshmen who are interested to experience what hall life is about. And here's 10 reasons why you should join Eusoff Hall's EGGposure Camp 2011 (if you're coming to NUS, of course. But still if you just want to have fun, we also welcome you. We just need the participants :p).

1.  It's fun!
What's a camp without being fun right? Our programmers at Eusoff knows the importance of enjoying yourself in a camp and that is why we work around the clock to ensure that you have the maximum fun-ness guaranteed! Among the activities we have lined up for you includes the Angry Byrds VS Angry Pigs finale war (which really involves building structures and trying to destroy them), awesome performances and lots more that you will only know when you attend the camp! And if you still don't believe, the campers last year can testify. Out of all EH Exposure Camp last year, only two of them did not  apply for Eusoff Hall stay.

2. Discover what hall life in NUS is about. 
Ever wondered what NUS Hall Life is all about? It is one of the most unique thing in Asia because not many universities in Asia have such a vibrant hostel life like NUS with so much activities and opportunities for you. It's really much like how the four houses in Harry Potter looks like. Except that instead of just only one big event like the Quidditch, we have loads of them. We have the IHG (Inter Hall Games), DP (Dance Production), Rag and Flag to keep you busy the entire year round. Through the camp, we aim to give you a chance to experience what it feels like to be called a haller in NUS.

3. Get to know awesome people.
We have have lots of awesome people joining the camp too. Not to mention a handsome programmer like me. And through the camp, you and your fellow awesome campers will be able to share of lot of experiences together and you will be able to get to know your future university mates better. What better way to start a university life than together with friends, right?

4. A worthwhile experience.
Honestly, the friendships, experiences and fun you get from the exposure camp is not something you can find everywhere. And once your chance is up, you can never join it back. So why not grab the chance while you still can? You definitely would not regret it.

5. Super duper fun.

6. Unregrettable fun.

7. Fun that you'll remember forever

8. Handsomely fun, just like me.


10. Nuff said, the camp is awesome. And sorry that I ran out of idea at No. 5. My brain is facing an imminent shutdown. But still, Camp Yellow Fever is a must join exposure camp!

I believe that the 10 reasons (well actually is just 4) I mentioned is more than enough to convince you to join our Eusoff Hall's Camp Yellow Fever exposure camp. To register for Eusoff Hall's 2011 Exposure Camp, simply go and follow the instructions there. Registration closes on the 21st of May! You could also message this handsome blogger here for more information :)

P/s: The photos were taken from our first ever Exposure Camp last year, courtesy of EusoffWorks


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