Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post-Exposure Camp

I'm too sleepy to write a good blog post again. Remember how I complained about how busy I were with exposure camp just a few days ago and that I have no time to update my blog properly? Now that exposure camp has ended, I still can't find time to blog properly. Heck I think it's even worse than a few days before. And what do I have to thank?


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the handsome owner of this blog has decided to immerse himself (or should I say addict himself) again in a massively multiplayer online role playing game again after swearing not to due to the massive time a MMORPG cam take up in your life. And thanks to this game, my Twitter, Facebook and also this blog has been relatively untouched for the past few days. I guess when you're saving an virtual world, the social media sort of takes a back seat. Or maybe it's just because we're all guys.

Brought to you by the same people who brought you Perfect World, I could say that Forsaken World is pretty much like Perfect World (which is great because it feels familiar) which some minor changes here and there. Firstly, the thing that I took notice the most was the party quest system.

In any normal MMORPG, whenever you want to do a party quest, you first have to find the suitable people, travel to the quest place and waste a lot of time waiting. However, in this game they centralize the entire party quest thing so that you can access the list of party quest available just by pressing a button and getting teleported to the place when there's enough people.

And even better, loads of my friends are gonna play it too! What better way to play an MMORPG than with your group of friends right?

But since I'm writing in a half asleep state now, I think I should stop here and get some rest. I have been staring non stop at the computer screen since morning leveling up my character. Which is crazy, I tell you. And not healthy.

Before I go to sleep however, I thought it might be good to introduce this person that is gonna be me for the next 3 months in the game. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet ChiChibi or in short, CCB!

Pretty right? I think I'm falling in love with myself now.

And I think I really need the sleep now. Night.


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