Sunday, May 15, 2011

FS - To Psychology Or Not?

A reader recently asked me whether he/she should take up Psychology in NUS or rather a more concrete course in NTU through Formspring. His/Her question went like this,"Lukey, pls advice. i wanna do psych but am torn between nus and ntu. thanks!".


Since I was feeling kinda moody and wanna throw my mind of the depressing news that I heard, I decided to be kind and write a real long reply. Really long.
"Hi! I'm not sure if I'm the most qualified person ever to answer your question, because obviously my response would be biased towards asking you to come to NUS and study Psychology because I find it fun and quite interesting. I could say if given a chance to do it all over again, I would still choose Psychology in NUS.

But... in line with being neutral and impartial, I would try to list down the pros and cons of studying in NUS, wouldn't be writing about NTU because I know nothing about it, just to let you weight the pros and cons.

Because good things always come first, I think I will start with the pros. The pros of studying Psychology in NUS includes:

1. It's interesting. There's no complex maths formulas (save for a stupid statistics module), no long bacteria names and no out of this world things like logic gates to bore the hell out of you. What you will be studying would be how human works and why do they work in such a way, which not surprisingly, is what we do everyday when we come try to explain people's action. Only this time you have hard facts and scientific research to back you up. And you'll get to learn things you never known before about yourself and others in the process too.

2. It makes you a better person. Seriously. My two years in Psychology have taught me immensely the dangers of stereotypes and prejudices and the dangers of making the wrong judgments about others. It has also taught me to respect the actions of others, no matter how wrong it seems, because everyone is different and people might have their own reasons of doing something. Not only that, it has also taught me about myself, what kind of person I am and how our life on Earth are determined largely by ourselves.

3. It allows me to help others. One thing about Psychology is your ability to help and understand. Because Psychology teaches you the reasons behind the actions of other people and the mistakes common people would make when it comes to relationships. And armed with that knowledge you can better lead and offer advice that works.

4. The environment. I'm sure you would know that NUS is one of the top universities in Asia and choosing to study in it would be a richly rewarding experience. Your degree is more recognizable, you get better employment opportunities and you get a better quality of education. Which is very important for you to grow and thrive.

But then, for all the pros, Psychology in NUS does have its downside. One of the most prominent one is the amount of stress and challenge you have to face in order to survive. Being one of the top universities, you have to be prepared to meet the standards of the university (which is scarily high) or risk being kicked out from the university. You cannot afford to slack or have fun in here, that's for sure, unless you're filthily smart and there's a high risk of collapsing under the immense weight of the expectation and stress if you cannot handle it.

And of course, it also depends on where your interest lies also. When you like something, you will tend to be more enthusiastic and initiative when it comes to studying. And it also helps to prevent hatred for the course to build up, which is very dangerous if it does. Not healthy.

But I guess I have talked, I mean typed, for too much already. The things that I've mentioned just now are among the few pointers that you should take note of when considering NUS. And most importantly, know what you want to do. I personally like to read minds (to see if people think I am handsome or not) so I really much enjoyed studying Psychology.

Hope my long ranting helped!"


I love long questions like this on Formspring. Because I just a long winded guy (who is longer winded when he's depressed). Lets just hope I would not get any depressing dream tonight. Better still, lets just hope I would not wake up tomorrow.


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