Monday, May 9, 2011

Lazy Blogger I am

One thing about blogging is that once you stop for a few days, you'll get used to not blogging. You'll come up with 100 different excuses on why you should not blog on that particular day and perhaps it would be better to blog tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. And soon without you knowing it, a few weeks or months have passed and you have now one meter of dust and lots of cobwebs in your blog. Which is why I make it a point to blog everyday, just to be consistent and so I'll never be lazy.

But what do you know, just 3 days into holidays and already my blog is getting lesser priority than my Minecraft exploits and my staring emptily into Facebook time. I guess the holiday effect must have really kicked in.

But no more! It's time to resume blogging handsomely so that I still have something productive to do in my free time (yes blogging is considered as productive) and to maintain my writing skills so that by the end of the three months holiday, I would still know how to write an essay. And who knows, perhaps I'll go win something again. Like an air conditioner. Because the weather this few days is seriously hot. Even hotter than me.

Okay' I'm digressing.

So yeah, Lukey the blogger is back and do stay tune for your daily narcissistic rantings!

I'll go hide in the common fridge now.


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