Sunday, August 1, 2010

Want to win a condom?

Note to self: Sleep is important for health. Updating blog past 2 am everyday is not

Anyways, i was gonna rant about how cultures clash for this blog post. Coming from a small and conservative town like Ipoh, i knew i would have a culture shock when i first step foot in Singapore. Back in Ipoh, students planning to go Singapore like me are very used to hearing horror stories of how different Singapore culture is. The normal things that we heard was the how open minded people at Singapore were.

After one year here, i thought i've seen it all. Naked runs, sex scandals and news of the likes. I was wrong though. Not only people here are open minded, the banks here are too! I guess you have to be like the people to appeal to them. Case proven judging by the prizes they offer for contests:-

I guess people here really love condoms that much. 

That, or it's just some random guy's stupid idea of a joke. I bet he's from Malaysia though. Can't really blame us when even muttering the word condom could get us arrested by waiting religious officers back in our home country. So when we come here, we naturally tend to lose control.

Just joking. And by the way, it wasn't me who did that. Serious.



Sweat! lols XP

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