Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dont't Worry, Be Happy

A professor mentioned in a class regarding emotions a few days ago that one of the keys to having a happy life is to jot down the blessings of life, no matter how small, in a journal and to reflect on it. I've read a lot on the power of focusing on the little things in life that make you smile but I've not really paid much attention to it until I heard it coming from a professor.

But I guess it makes sense though. From what I experience in life, optimistic people are the ones who are able to fare better in life as they are more resilient to hardships and will not give up easily on life. Besides, all of us are also naturally drawn to people who are positive rather those who are cynical, pessimistic and all they ever do is to complain about how bad their life is, how they are gonna fail in life and how life sucks in general.

Looking at my blog, I have to admit that perhaps I have been complaining and emo-ing a tad too much in my life. If what the professor said was anything to go by, the quality of my life is very near the number 0 right now. Which is kinda dangerous because we all know a low life quality is usually associated with all the not good stuff like depression and suicide.

So following the professor's advice, I'm gonna start a positive blog, to be accurate! For each day of my life, I will find one small blessing in it, something that make me happy and appreciate life and write it down in the blog. That way, whenever I'm feeling down, I could always go to that blog and look at the things that make me happy. And through focusing on all the good things in life, perhaps my life quality could be raised to a category considered as good. Perhaps.

Anyway, the blog's address is at and I intend to let it stay the way it is first. Simple and focused. Of course, I will still be blogging here, after all, I do enjoy feeling handsome (hint at and bitching about things I do not like. It's just that the blog is a way for me to try to be positive. Try.

And if things turn out well, perhaps you will have a happier Lukey blogging here! Yippee!


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