Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why I Choose To Be A Believer and Not An Atheist

I've been reading quite a lot of blogs lately. Not just any blogs, but atheist blogs that claims that God does not exists and religion is only but a tool to disrupt humanity.

Not that I'm having any doubts about my faith now, me being a Christian, nor that I'm feeling much like a crusader for Christ going all about all these infidel's blogs hoping to knock some sense into them and convert them to Christianity. Nope. I'm not that type of person who feels challenged nor threatened when someone goes against my style of living. Diversity, or people having different kinds of opinions, is what makes humanity unique. And I must admit that most of the time, when fighting logic with logic, science with science, atheists will have the upper hand most of the time, trust me.

But the thing is, although time and time again the atheists are able to come up with convincing arguments that God does not exists using all sort of scientific and logical evidence, I simply just could not find enough support to just throw in the towel, look up to the sky and tell this God that he does not exist. All for one reason, why am I doing on this Earth. Or rather the purpose of life.

You see, believing that God exists gives me a sense of purpose in life. It makes me feel that humanity is not a product of chance, that we are here because everything just happened to be perfect and that our life does not just end with death.

Religion gives me a reason why I shouldn't just jump out of the building right now and leave this wretched world right now without having to go through all the shit that this world has to offer. The rat race, hatred, greed, betrayal, disappointment. When you look at it through a neutral point of view, there's really not a reason to hold on to life for us.

Some might call these false hope or believe, that we're merely holding on to something that does not exist, like holding to a soft toy to calm our nerves down. Perhaps what they're saying is true, as how Maslow puts it in the hierarchy of needs but I believe that if this need for religion is as dangerous as the atheists claim, the evolution theory would have ensured that people with these maladaptive genes would not have thrived and pass their genes on forward and our world would be filled with atheists now.

Some argue that we do not need religion to give us a reason to do good or to preserve humanity for what it is. We can do it for the sake of doing it without having to depend on God to tell us why we should be moral. But when all our existence happens to be a product of chance and that there's no where to go after death, not afterlife, not heaven or hell, not even reincarnation, it's pretty much pointless to do good or to forward the interests of humanity. Humans after all, just so happen to be here and even if we're gone the next day, no one else would miss us. And for all we know, perhaps there humans too in other galaxy where there so happen to be lucky enough for the conditions to be met for other humans to be created.

But enough of me babbling now I think. When you look at it, I only have a very weak argument against the wealth of other arguments brought in by those who does not think the same as me. I choose only to focus on the purpose on existence to validate why I choose to be someone with religion as opposed to how systematic the opposing arguments are based upon.

But as long as I can rest easy at night and dying happy knowing that there's someplace else for me besides Earth, I don't really mind. For all I care, others can choose to spread their thinking as they like as long as they don't touch me and I don't touch them. Peace.



nice touch

TikkoSS said...

nice write up..

lo said...

If only all people with religion can think this way and admit that it is after all a PERSONAL reason for believing, and not be bigoted in claiming how having a religion will render them superior.


nice (: "believing that God exists gives me a sense of purpose in life." i really like that line :D


amen bro.

Anonymous said...

nice well balanced piece! i like it. though i have to say, young people now are not as mature to talk about spiritual / religious issues.

what is religion to young people...
maybe fashion
and mafia wars
and maybe also love.

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