Friday, January 21, 2011

Dance Production is in 19 hours and I'm eating chicken

3.25 am. As my left hand is busily typing this post up, my right hand is busily dismembering the chicken beside me. Not a live chicken but a barbecued one. Why am I eating a whole chicken alone? Let me explain.

The barbecued chicken that I need to finish

The barbecued chicken sitting amongst my other stuff

You see, there's this place called Sheares Hall in the place where I study (NUS) that sells really good chicken for supper every Thursday. It's called the Sheares chicken by the way, not surprisingly, and it's also famous all around NUS. I had always liked eating the chicken but don't usually get the chance because Sheares Hall is considered as quite far from where we stay (it's only a 10+ minute walk by the way, but that's how the majority of university student measure distance) so normally I wouldn't have the chance to eat it because some of my friends would be really lazy to walk there.

But still, I'm one of the food lovers that would do anything for good food.

It so happen that a few days ago, I thought it would be great to visit Sheares Hall to try out the chicken again with some of my other friends who do not mind the distance as me, namely three of them. So I tagged the three of them in my Facebook status, asking them if they wanted to go Sheares for supper on Thursday night.

Little did I know that my status had offended some of my other friends whom I did not tag. Or at least that's what one of the three friends I tagged told me. She asked me why I did not invite the others for the Sheares supper and mentioned to me that they were quite sad that I neglected them. My initial reasoning was that they rarely join us, often citing the far distance and their busy schedule as a reason but I thought that perhaps this time they really wanted to go. So I made a mental note to include them personally for the supper plans.

As things turn out, many events began popping out unexpectedly on Thursday and we had to cancel our plan to go Sheares on Thursday. But still, some of us agreed to order the chicken back to our hall just for the sake of eating it. Remembering the few friends that were offended initially by the status, I decided to order two chickens instead of one, afraid that one would not be enough for all of us.

Perhaps it's my fault for not thoroughly consulting them about the chicken because by Thursday night, I found out that all of us had timetable clashes and we were not able to meet up together to eat the chicken. In addition to that, some of them said that they were busy and asked us to go ahead. The same people who were offended by the Facebook status message.

So in the end, five of us had to finish to chicken and as fate would have it, one chicken got left behind. The one sitting next to me now. The one my right hand is furiously digging into.

Honestly, I don't know what lesson that can be learned from this. In my effort to accommodate everyone and everything, I ended up forsaking some and sacrificing one chicken in the process. Perhaps next time, I shouldn't care so much about those who wants in at the last minute and stick to the original plans instead. If they want to be angry, let them be. At least I don't have to try and finish one whole chicken by myself.
Oh look, it's 4.06 am already.


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