Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's Wishlist (2011)

A beach part in a city without beach, having half of your fuel gone because of the ridiculous time spent in a traffic jam and the sound of fireworks everywhere, yeap, it's new year alright and life's never been better. And since it's new year already, I've been seeing lots of post everywhere going up about everyone's new year resolutions. I thought I would do the same to keep up with the trend but since 99% of my new year resolutions never get "resolved", I've decided against it. For this year, I'm going to do things differently. Instead of a Resolution List, I'm gonna come up with a Wish List instead!


For 2011, I wish...

1. ...for a girlfriend. Preferably one that looks like Angelina Jolie, can clean my room and cook like a 5 star hotel chef.

2. be a famous blogger along the likes of Kenny Sia, Cheesie and Xiaxue. I know I have been wishing this for quite sometime now but since I'm nowhere near achieving this dream, I'm gonna wish for it again this year and by the looks of it, I'll be wishing for it again next year, the year after the next, and the year after the next year too and...

3. dean list! Yesh! And getting A+ for all my results! I want my results to be so good that even the reporters come and interview me! And best of all, I am able to do that without even lifting a page of my books. How about that?

4. be an awesome dancer like Michael Jackson!

5. be more handsome.

6. get a 5 digit blog earning per month

7. star in my very own Oscar winning movie.

8. be featured in Times magazine as one of the most influential people on Earth.

9. ...perhaps get voted as the sexiest man alive in the meantime.

10. stop dreaming all these impossible dreams. And start studying, for that matter.



LOL yeah, stop dreaming and start doing. When you dream on the sky, you falls on the cloud. Jia you ah!


wish your dreams come true!


wei u think too much la.. stop dreaming n be more realistic! hahahaha


haha x) Niceeee!! :D :D i like everything :D

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