Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unable To Blog

[The author of this blog is unable to write a post today due to the fact that he just realized that he has 5 assignments due in the next three weeks and is currently in a state of panic and denial over what he should do to finish those assignments in time. He is, sadly, two weeks behind in all his readings plus studies and that's what causing him to be in such state of panic. However, the author would like to assure loyal readers of this blog (amid his hysteria) that he will not be like Kenny Sia who went blog-less for months already and will resume blogging once he gets his assignments straighten up.

That, or if he gives up on his assignments and take up blogging as his main income, which I'm sure will not be happening soon as he's earning peanuts now from blogging so I'm pretty sure he will be more worried about the assignments. In the meanwhile, the owner of this blog would like to show you all some inspiring videos to keep all of you entertained. Have a nice day.]

The Inspiring Video:-

On The Bright Side by never shout never


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