Thursday, January 6, 2011

WCI Conference here I come!

This picture is random and totally unrelated to today's post

After countless hours of squeezing my brain and undergoing numerous trials and errors, I'm finally prepared to head on to Standard Chartered's Top 23 World's Coolest Intern conference happening in 11 hours time! Because I've finally got the troublesome 3 minute video done!

You can't believe how hard it is to think of a topic to teach other people when you're like average in everything. Be it dance, blogging, acting or singing, I found out the hard way that actually my skills are very limited and in the end, I can only teach the only thing I'm best at, handling a camera, as evident from the top video. And don't get me started on how hard it is for me to cram everything into 3 minutes (yes I still went overtime, a bit) but I guess by the end of the day everything will be worth it.

Which only leaves me to the one and final task! Get some rest for the 10 hours conference tomorrow!

Wait, I think I forgot to prepare a speech on why a chili padi represents me..



wow... I was just next door while you record this! Coolness!
Trust me, once Master got wind of this... you're going popular!
(nobody snip tapes anymore :p, if i'm not wrong miniDV information is still recorded in binary form. It's not lens, it's "Aperture". :p)
eh.. no credits to EusoffWorks? :p

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