Friday, January 7, 2011

How My World's Coolest Intern Meet-Up Turned Out

Not because I don't like you, I just happen to forget how to talk

If there's one thing that I remembered about the meet-up today with my fellow Standard Chartered Bank's Top 23 World's Coolest Intern, it was how tightly my mouth was kept shut. It felt as though there was some cement or superglue that was holding them together and it refuses to just let go of my mouth.

It's not that I hate to talk or anything, I would really love to join in the conversations, but it's just that after so many years of being reprimanded for being too talkative in class, at church, at home and almost everywhere, basically I've just mastered the arts of not speaking unless spoken to a little too perfectly. Not to mention that me trying to process the sentence that I'm going to say 123123123 times before actually saying it out loud kinda made the people who were listening lose interest soon enough.

But I was quite content at just being able to listen, actually. I guess it's my personality to start with, and the class punishments were not to be blamed. I just enjoy listening to other people rather that stating my opinions out unless I really need to. I find it much more fun that way because you get to hear more about others and learn about them.

However, it's still no reason for me to clam up though and it's certainly not how the corporate world works! So I'm gonna add "Learn to socialize more effectively" and "Eliminate social phobia" to my 2011 resolution list! And now that my hair is dry, I could get a quick nap before the dance practice at 11 later. Nights. Will blog more about the meet-up when I get tagged in Facebook. Stay Tuned.




If there's one thing about talking to much, then I probably already know it XD

But seriously, what I learned is that one way to be happy (Besides heaps of chocolate and chicken pie)is that no matter what, you gotta love yourself. Note: Loving yourself is not the same as being complacent with who you are and definitely not trying to change who you are.

If you have to be someone who voices his opinions, then go ahead and voice them. Loving yourself isn't saying 'what the heck, I'll say whatever I wanna say and fuck you if you don't like it"...It's respecting what you want to say enough to give that thought a few seconds of your time before voicing it.

And hey like my friend said, people who talk a lot statistically get corrected more often and thus are less likely to repeat their mistakes.

(sorry for spamming your page...guess I was in a ranty mood >.<) Sorry!!!

Elisha said...

HAHAHAHAH! it's ok, you have plenty of time to talk. we're all more invincible behind the computer screen.


@Punk Chopsticks: Wow, you'd really ranted! Yeah but I guess it's not easy to find the right balance sometimes and it's hard to be who we are in the world nowadays but you'd really made a good point. I'll think about it.

@Elisha: Yeap, especially me! I'm a keyboard warrior alright :D

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