Saturday, January 22, 2011

DP (Dance Production) is over!

The only DP related photo I can find now

 After more than months of trying to force my body to be more flexible and to look like I can dance, finally Eusoff Hall's Dance Production for 2010/11 is finally over. I'm having mixed feelings though. Happy that it's finally over and we put on a great show tonight but sad in the meantime because I will definitely miss all those dance practices I had, despite how hard or tiring they were.

But for now, I'm just gonna let the feeling sink in and not talk so much first. When I feel more like it, I will write one whole long post regarding Eusoff's DP. Besides, there's still all these makeup I need to remove and I still need to wait for photos to be uploaded.

But if I were to summarize my experience in one word, it would be AWESOME. It's an  awesomely awesome journey. I love DP.



join again next year!





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