Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sad bout Studies

School has resumed again as normal in NUS, as it always does after the December break much to my dismay as I was hoping for a Christmas of New Year extension of holidays because I thought we might as well enjoy ourselves more before the world ends in 2012 (the folks at NUS sadly thought otherwise).

So with a heavy heart and a pair of heavy eyes to due lack of sleep, so thus starts my fourth semester of studies in this university. And it being the fourth semester, I don't expect it to be a easy journey for here onwards.

It's only the first week and already I have all these assignments staring down at me. One thought review question in one week time, two essays in four weeks time and tons of readings for me to go through. Looks like my fears that the workload would only go up exponentially as you progressed through your university life has finally been realized. The numerous co-curricular commitments that I have in hall doesn't seem to make life any better too.

But oh well, a uni is as uni so I can't possibly expect to be asked what 1+1=? in an exam anyway so I guess I will just have to accept the fact that crazily long essay assignments is part of life here. And besides, if I were to choose, I would much prefer writing essays than cleaning up the streets. Time to start cracking my brain for a great 1500 word essay writeup I guess.


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