Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2010

Since every single blogger on the planet is doing this and since today is the last day of 2010, I thought it would be fun to also list down the stuff that I have done for 2010. You know, for memory's sake and to show off a bit about my life. Kenny Sia loves to do this too. Well, here's some important highlights of Lukey's life for 2010, in random order:-

1. Went kayaking, thanks to MSL

2. Visited Changi Airport

Did not board any plane, just to send a friend away to Poland

3. Performed in Eusoff's Elixer band

4. Supper-ed like crazy

But still managed to stay slim :p

5. Became one of Singapore's first MIB (Men In Black) agent

That camera, btw, is not really a camera but a well hidden alien extinguishing gun

6. Still got an extreme average result for my first year's second semester results. Not really happy with it

7. Joined an awesome team called the EHOC Programmes Team

8. Became an Irish leprechaun, I mean hacker, in the process

Still can't explain why the leggings are there, though

Not to mention winning 4 out of 5 awards for Eusoff Hall that night. And I finally got to dance!

11. Became a second year student in NUS

12. Joined Eusoff Voluntary Corps, EusoffWorks as Video Director, Programmes Vice Head, Eusoff Dance, Chingay Dance and Eusoff Dance production in hopes of killing myself even more

13. Failed as an emcee

Tried to be funny but my jokes all fell cold because I was too busy being nervous

14. Got attached. But broke up four months after. I was stupid to not know how to appreciate her

15. Went Desaru for my year end trip

One of the most extremely awesomest trip ever. EVER

16. Celebrated a pair of twins birthday in JB

17. Got a surprisingly good result for my second year's first semester. Finally got an A after such a long wait. Was shouting like nuts when I first saw the results.

18. Was finally able to have a major in Psychology, thanks to my unexpected good results :)

19. Came back to Ipoh for Christmas

20. Had a bad case of stomach abnormalities. Not thanks to a lamb chop. Would never forget it

21. Won an iPad from blogging

Very much thanks to Exabytes!

22. Became one of Standard Chartered's top 23 World's Coolest Intern. Must say it was one of my proudest achievement. Got an iPod shuffle too

23. Won an X6 from Nuffnang's competition. X6 still nowhere to be seen

24. A good friend of mine became a Christian. An unexpected but pleasant surprise

25. Changed my blog's name from "Lukey's Rantings" to "". Got my own domain name in the process. Not to mention feeling a lot more handsome-er


So, there's my 2010. Not all of it, but most important ones. And guess that's all about it that I can remember. Looking forward to another awesome year ahead before the world ends on 2012. Til then, Happy New Year! Hope I will become a famous blogger by 2011!



got email the nuffnang people or not?


will do once i reach SG


you won a lot of good stuffs, didn't you? soooo nice! share pls :P

Albert said...



I like your 21- 25 !! NIceeeeee so nice!! envy!! but happy for u !! =D


i like yr 21- 25.... aiyoyo!!!! Fruitful la u !!! >.<


so yeng la ur look in picture number 5 ! iLIKE !


haha thanks eunice and 欣苓

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