Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Interesting Blog Award!

Due to the fact that my hypothalamus is currently not producing enough histamine and orexin to keep me awake to continue my studies (the fact that i'm using words like histamine, orexin is a proof that i've studied too much) i have decided to take detour into the world of blogging.

Guess what i've found for my blog? An Award!

Proudly gave to me by my new blogger friend, Elynn all the way from Kedah!
(you can find her blog here:

Of course, it may not be as big as the National Awards for Blogs (if such thing exists) i'm still thrilled and honored to receive this award. People like me don't get compliment all the time, you must understand. The most that i can get is only me complimenting myself. Which is the activity that i'm famous for, self-praise (perasan), eg: i am so handsome. Thanks for this award, Elynn!

So, as a requirement to accept this award, i have to prepare a thank you speech and state 10 things about myself, preferably things that people do not know. To be the special blogger, i have not only decided to go honest with 10 unknown facts about me, i will attach pictures as proof! Here goes:

1.) I am currently attached to the Singapore's Men In Black division. You know? The organization that protects Earth from extra terrestrial threats. And being the most handsome member in the Singapore division, they even gave me a super duper cool weapon!

2.) Although i'm with Men In Black and supposed to wear black, somehow i'm famous for wearing pink. I have no idea that notion came from. And because of that people thinks i'm gay. Since when pink is associated with homosexuality?

3.) I'm addicted to blogging. Which is not a good thing considering that i'm not a full time blogger but a full time student. Heck even the famous blogger Kenny Sia doesn't update his blog twice everyday like me. But well, at least i do get some form of recognition like this award in this post.

4.) I'm a SAD guy. Not the emotionally depressed type of sad but rather S - Single, A - Available, D - Desperate type of guy. Maybe the reason i don't have one is due to the fact that i have a "girlfriend", which happen to be my dear ol' laptop.

5.) I have an inner child in me that refuses to grow up. Which is why people often catch me doing stupid acts like:

6.) I have a weird eating pattern. My fixed meals are Breakfast (if i can wake up), Dinner (which i always eat very little because dinner served in my hostel sucks) and Supper (my main meal of the day). And yeah, i'm not a big fan of lunch. A post about my addiction to supper can be found here:

7.) The death of Yoshito Usui, Shin Chan's artist is one of the great blows to my life. Because i have always admired Shin Chan and he happens to be my role model and idol.

8.) I always have trouble convincing people that i have won prom night before. Not as handsome as Zac Efron? Or i just look too geek / nerd? Maybe i should act cool more often.

9.) I have a standard strategy when it comes to costume party. Take all toilet paper rolls that i can find and become a mummy!

10.) I love to make videos! In fact, the first ever video i made was for a talent competition called iTalentstar. Because not many people no about this (i can always expect "Luke!! I didn't know that you participated in a talent competition last time!!" accompanied with hysterical bouts of laughter every time someone decides to Google my name), i'm gonna embed the video here. Just to make the pain go faster. FYI, the video is more than 2 years old now.

Well, that's the 10 points about me! Another criteria of this thing is for me to find another 10 bloggers and give them this award. To be honest, i don't know other bloggers much and i fear rejection should i decide to just randomly give out this award to people.

Worst Case Scenario:
"Hi, my name's Luke. And i think your blog is quite nice so i'm giving you this award!"
"Who the (insert your preferences of word here) are you?"

So i'm gonna do it differently!
I would be very happy if you would choose to nominate yourself, provided if you are willing to do what this award requires, and i'll link your blog in this post!  
(which i doubt anyone would nominate themselves, but well, it's fun to keep a chain thing going right?)

P/s: Speaking about blog awards, i'm currently participating in a blogging competition! If you think that my blog is good and if you have the time, would appreciate if you can support me. Will update regularly if i manage to enter the finals. If-lah.



congrats, its not often that bloggers award others :-D


hahah congrats on winning the award, your blog is really funny and interesting. Deserve it.


congrats on the amount =)


kudos buddy! in PH, we actually have Philippine Bloggers Awards. :)

i like you #4, i have to change it to *boyfriend. anyway,single life is not that lonely :D


@Erwin, Sheikha & ken: Thanks!

@Yuli: Maybe i should move to PH! And yeah have to agree with you that single life has its good also


just read this after im back to on9 world. haha. i love the pics where u r in pink.

Anonymous said...

What necessary words... super, remarkable idea

Anonymous said...

You, probably, were mistaken?

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