Monday, April 5, 2010

Confessions of a Supperholic

I have a confession to make.
Currently, i am battling a serious addiction.
Day and night, it is crawling on my mind.
Without it, i couldn't sleep properly at night.

I am ashamed to admit it but...
I'm addicted to supper!

Somehow, no matter how much dinner i ate, my stomach can go hungry in just a few hours.
Furthermore, with the current state of dinner i am having (my hostel food sucks to the max, i must say), getting a fulfilling dinner is a distant thing of the past.

Sleeping early?
Keeping my waistline to maintain my current sexual appeal?
Just want to be healthy?

Who cares when you can get good food and go to sleep with a smile?

Besides, supper is the only time i get to eat good food and the time where friends can socialize, talk cock and sing song.
Not to mention catching up with the latest gossips.

So yeah, i admit i'm addicted to supper.
Because it's not only a time to eat and fill your stomach, but it's also a time to de-stress, talk to your friends and just chill out.

It's one of the small enjoyments of life.

All Hail Supper yo!

Typical supper camwhore moment in the mamak

Supper is the time for friends to get together =)



Ameen is our best friend (cuz we pay him a lot of money!)

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