Thursday, April 1, 2010

The NO List of April's Fool

It's a April's Fools day!
A day where you can prank people and get away with it by just saying April Fool! Well, if the person is not one of the people who is anti-April Fool, that is. If not you'll be subjected to a whole hour of lecture on why April's Fool is a stupid idea and why it should be banned.

I, for one, loves April's Fool.
However, i decided to make a list of what i shouldn't do during April's Fool day.

1. At an airport. "Hey, know what's inside my bag? A bomb! Hahahaha! April's Fool!"

2. Call my friend 4 am in the morning and say, "Eh hello, wake up, wake up. It's time to do something important. It's time for you to visit the toilet. April's fool!"

3. Put a fake cockroach into the food of a restaurant and complain loudly.

4. Circulate news that Jay Chow or someone famous is going to stop by my university today.

5. Call home and tell my parents that i've quit university and now is taking up a job as a newspaper seller.

6. "Do you know that i have love you for a long long time already? Yes, i do. But it's only on April's Fool day."

7. "Hello, police? There's a robbery going on now at XXX Street! Faster come now! April's Fool..."

8. "This is Lukey calling from The Very Expensive Items shop. We would just like to clarify with you regarding the purchase of a very expensive item purchased yesterday and the place of delivery..."

And of course, any racist or sexist jokes would also get me killed.
Maybe i think i'll just stick to jokes like,
"Hey, what's that on your shirt? April's Fool!"



interested for an hour's lecture?


lukey never reply my comments ::sob::

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