Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's 5 am in the morning...

And yeap, i'm still awake.
Making the situation worse is me having to wake up at 9 am tomorrow, i mean today for some social talk.
I guess i shall just go there, show my handsome face and quietly slip back to my room for a handsome sleep.

It's not that i want to sleep so late, really.
Ok, maybe normally i'm sleeping late is due to me playing computer games or just plain Facebook-ing.
But today was different!

Had been jamming with my Christian fellowship friends til almost 4 am just now.
It's been so long since i last had the chance to seriously enjoy myself by playing the bass guitar. Hard to imagine that it had since been a year since i last had a chance to jam and produce nice music with my friends.

And hard to imagine too that last time when i was supposed to play the bass guitar in my church, i always complained and grumbled. Didn't knew how much i would miss it after coming to Singapore. Like they say, you have to lose something to appreciate the importance of it.

Introducing our violinist and vocalist, all the way from Korea, Mr Cho Myung Sik! And he's still single!
And behind there you'll have our second vocalist all the way from Sarawak, Ms Sarah Tan! 

On the guitar, we have Mr Timothy Gan! Not forgetting our keyboardist, Miss Cheryl! 
(ops, she's busy taking picture btw. Just like me. Hope Timo won't mind us 2 for slacking)

Lastly, you have me! The noobie and rusty bassist! 
(Blame the 1 year for inactivity)

In case you're wondering why on Earth are staying up so late just for jamming, one of the reason of it would be that we started late. Around 12 am plus i guess. But it's considered normal for hall activities anyway. Not to mention that we kept derailing from our original songs because Miss Sarah wanted to try out songs like September (Greenday) and Viva La Vida (Coldplay).

Had lots of fun of course. And it's the first time for me to play songs other than Christian songs!
But judging from my performance, i think it's best for me to stick to Christian songs only. I sucked big time on contemporary songs. No talent, i guess.
Anyway, we're practicing for a Chocolate Fondue event we're gonna hold on April 12th in my hostel.
It's part of an exam blessing initiative by the Christian Fellowship.

So if you happen to be a Eusoffian reading this blog post, please come down and support us!
Aside from the band practice, my hungry stomach did not help either in promoting a sleep early habit. Since i am a supperholic, i had to fill my stomach before sleeping or i'll end up with nightmares of me starving in some isolated island. And during times like these, maggie is my best friend.

A can of coke goes nicely with the maggie too. 
This is Lukey's typical supper without friends meal plan and setting.

Combined with the eating time, preparing time and washing up time, i ended up finishing everything around 4.50+ am. Coupled with the time wasted blogging on this (i'm addicted to blogging as i say, i can't control it), now it's already 5.30 am.

Remind me again next year to put sleeping early into my resolutions list. Zzz...



wow. that's really "EARLY" for you to sleep. sleep early. it's good for the body. =]

it is always fun to jam around.


LOL yeah richard, i also would like to sleep early but it's not just the culture here to sleep early XD

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