Monday, April 12, 2010

Another early morning ranting

4.30 am!
Should BE really sleeping... but... i'm involved in political talks!
Political talks are so interesting. Makes you see how things really work. And it's like the only thing i'm good at. Wonder why people hate it so much. It's through the politics that revolutions come etc etc.

Introducing Eusoffworks (my hall's media wing) room aka the political planning room! I'm the only freshman among the wise and old seniors. You can learn so much just by listening sometimes.

Yeah, yeah, sleeping after 3 am is bad. I know but... well... my intuitive mind got the better of me.
Had band practice again today.
Realized that my bass skill is still at a mediocre level. I should really have the initiative to learn more. It's just that i don't see a reason to progress, like a permanent band.
But anyway, i had 2 fans to come support today!
Not tables but fans!

Mr Kok Weng and Mr Jason!

Ok, thanks for reading my blog!
Time to go back to political talk!


YellowFlower said...

Walao...Two Fans only arh?! Who help u to take this picture of the two fans arh?
Dun wanna support u next time already...emo liao.


haha sorry huang hua, forgot to mention! haha >.< dun angry ler

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