Friday, April 9, 2010

My Tale of Addiction

My name's Luke.

I am 20 this year.

And i happen to be a student. A university student, in fact, if you really want to know. *proud*

However, unlike other university students, i have a secret... A dark secret.

You see, i'm suffering from a disease. Or an addiction, if you put in other words.

And no one knows.

To be honest, I do not know what to do about this addiction, about this disease in me. It has wrecked my life, made me unable to perform important tasks such as studying and handing in my assignments. My final exams are looming in the corner and yet this addiction has taken a hold of me. I doubt if i will be able to even survive the finals.

What kind of addiction am i struggling with?
Well, it's definitely not something dangerous like smoking, drinking or sleeping around, at least. In fact, scientists claim that this addiction is relatively new in the medical world. And what do you know, I'm one of the few lucky ones to get it first!

It's Blogging Addiction by the way.
That's the name for my disease.

I guess you roughly know what kind of addiction this is about. I'm addicted to blogging. Proof of it?
Just 9 days into April and i already have more than 14 posts flagged under April.

Not to mention that I have a constant browser window to check my blog's incoming traffic.

I also get thrilled whenever someone posts a comment on my blog or in the chatbox. I get even more excited if someone decides to follow my blog. I try to figure endlessly how to get people to my blog. I cannot sleep without blogging first. Blogging had became so integrated into my life.

But i realized that this has to stop.

If this were to be allowed on, the addiction would probably screw my life up because for each moment spent blogging is one moment less spent on chasing pretty girls or studying. Heck, i must even start remembering that i'm a full time student, not a full time blogger.

Maybe it's time to get help.

Not from a psychologist though. Nor a doctor. Don't have the money for it.
Definitely not some monk or priest. Don't think they would understand, and i definitely would not want to be treated as though i'm possessed.
And of course, not my friends too ( i have none due to the excessive time blogging).

Maybe help can come from a source that a only a blogger knows how.

Looks like i'm not the only one suffering from "Blogging Addiction" and judging by the results, i'm sure i will get a lot of help from those who had successfully tackled this problem. Plus i can save a lot of time and money by not visiting any professionals. All from the comfort of my computer.

Wow, they even have a name for my disorder. It's call BAD (Blog Addiction Disorder).

I think the name is quite sarcastic though.
"Be careful of BAD because it can make you life go bad." LOL.

Hmm, from what i am reading, people are saying that blogging too much can one mean one thing in the blogger's life eventually. NO LIFE.
Well, if you consider hanging out around the blogosphere mixing around with fellow bloggers and posting and re-posting the same topics in your blog and get excited whenever a hot female blogger stops by as no life, well, maybe indeed i have no life.

Suggestions to cure this addiction. Finding a life by finding friends, finding something else worthwhile to do like gardening or maybe even finding a girlfriend. Hmm... maybe it's the time i find a cute girl to date. The only problem is the place to start. Trying to hit on a fellow cute female blogger is inadvisable, of course or i'll end up defeating the whole purpose.

Maybe i guess i'll just take up gardening and hope some pretty gardening lady would love me for that.

Yeah, i'll do that.
Time to buy some gardening materials and get my hands dirty!

Maybe after i finish blogging about my new resolve to cure my blogging addiction, that is.


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