Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How To Confirm Wake Up during ridiculous hours

Hello my dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, not the mention the pretty girls (if you fall into this category, the blog owner would love to have your FB, MSN or even contact number) who are visiting this blog for the first time.
Today, in our special Lukey's Rantings How To section, I am going to teach you the sure way to wake up even though you are the type of sleeper who have trouble waking up even in the noisiest condition, or as the old saying puts it, even if the sky falls down.
This was is especially useful if you have an important date with a hot girl or if you need to get up at ridiculous time, like say 4 am in the morning.

Step 1: Buy A Huge Alarm Clock that produces a shrill ring continuously. Preferably one that goes Riiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggggg until someone shuts it down.

Step 2: Put an alarm in your phone, just as a backup.

Step 3: Set the alarm time on both devices, the same time of course, and you're done! The combined loudness and noise, even if it fails to wake you up, is enough to wake up at least one of your neighbors who is sensitive to any noise. If you're lucky, you might be just able to wake up all of them!

Your neighbors will be so annoyed at the fact that you're waking them up at ridiculous hours that they will bang on your door so you could wake up to turn off the annoying Jumbo Alarm Clock.

Now, you not only have one, nor two but three elements that are trying to wake you up at the same time! If you still have trouble waking up even with these sure fire steps, however, i suggest it's time for you to stop sleeping late or go see a doctor.

Caution: Following Lukey's Rantings Sure Fire way to wake up may result in poor relationships with neighbors and in worse cases, having red paint splashed over your front door.

P/s: I know i have been talking and complaining about alarm clocks waking me up a lot, but i couldn't just take it. Next year, i'm moving! MY94C4QAFFM8



haha.. i also thought of having more alarm devices.. but didnt la.. =P

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