Thursday, April 1, 2010

Newspaper reports that i would see this April Fools day

What is April Fools day without funny newspaper headlines?

"Britney Spears thinks that sex is bad and decides to become a Catholic nun."

"Barack Obama decides to undergo the same operation as his hero, Michael Jackson, and become white."

"New research shows that studying too much is bad for health."

"Scientists discovered that the Avatar planet does exists, only that the natives there are Red in colour."

"William Hung voted the hottest male for year 2010"

"Twilight is the top favourite movie of guys because of the prettiness of Bella"
"David Beckham, fed up of his current progress in soccer, decides to switch career and become a full time househusband"

"World Peace achieved"


Of course, my ideas are nowhere near these April Fools jokes by professionals.
Here's the link:

Happy April Fools!

More about April Fools at


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