Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just take a gun and shoot me, will ya?

Sociologist says that as time pass, cultures will change, morals will change.
What may be wrong today might be tomorrow's right.
Things like tattoos, guys with long hair and girls going to college are examples of yesterday's wrongs but is today's right. Homosexuality and pre-marital sex are the examples of wrongs turning into rights happening now.

Right and wrong, therefore, is arbitrary.
In fact, you can say that there is no right or wrong in this world at all because it is us humans that set the meaning of what is acceptable or not in society! So if we humans do not define what is right or wrong, there will be no right and wrong!

Gosh, turns out that coming to university only puts more questions into my head.



queue hairstyle is actually from yesterdays... Anyway, more questions = you're thinking = good sign = purpose of university fulfilled!


The question is do you believe that there exists absolute truth (and therefore right and wrong), and to what extent is this truth knowable by humans.


no right and wrong. but morally and ethically accepted or not.. =)


ultimately, we as human beings, no matter how much we think about these questions, still adhere to the current perceived right/wrong...


@kenwooi so who define moral or ethics, there has to be some basis!


Muahaha, actually i have no answer to this question myself... which is why i did not post anything


sure, at least you started thinking. So wanna bounce a few ideas around? Let's start with do you believe in absolute truth?

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