Friday, April 2, 2010

Woohoo aka 大日子

Woohoo (or in it's Chinese name, 大日子) is one great movie!

Normally when it comes to Malaysian made movies, many people would dismiss it as low budget films with low budget quality. I can't agree more with that statement as most Malaysian movies would appear as attempts of a small kid to have fun. Well, guess that was last time.

Nowadays i am seeing more and more nice Malaysian made movies, not only that the equipments and styles used are on par with international film standards, the acting and also storyline is also highly commendable.

One such film would be Woohoo by Astro.

I missed this movie during Chinese New Year this year, but thanks to my university friends, i had the chance to enjoy this truly remarkable movie. And to be honest, i am proud to say that this movie comes from Malaysia itself.

It's a story about keeping traditions, family and the harshness of our everyday lives intertwined together. The film focuses on 5 young people, all coming from different backgrounds, 3 trying to earn a decent living, 1 wanting to finish his university's final year project and another wanting to make his father proud together in a tiger dance group, bonded together by a common goal to make an old man proud.

Since my elaboration of movies usually sucks, i shall keep this simple and short.

To put it in the simplest way possible, this movie rocks!
The movie is built on a simple and peaceful setting of a small village, with belief of the importance of traditions is still strong.
It is funny, touching and manages to capture the audience's attention nicely.

It is such a shame that movies with such good quality are not shown in public television.

A must watch!

More info of this movie on:好康下载


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