Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday!
Of course, some might take it as just a normal Sunday, because unlike Good Friday, Easter Sunday does not mean any holidays, it's already on a holiday.
Or some on the other hand may associate it with a huge bunny and eggs (the reason how the bunny got into Easter, along with eggs always manage to elude me. Somehow, i just cannot understand how the bunny got hold of eggs for himself. Murder his chicken friends perhaps?)

As for this blog owner here, Easter is quite a special day.
Well, not because there's a huge bunny jumping in front of my house hunting for eggs, but of an empty tomb once upon a time in Israel. Not just any any empty tomb, but one belonging to someone that was supposed to be dead.
No worries though, the storyline is not like Resident Evil or L4D or any zombie movies or zombie games we are so used to. It's a story from the bible. Surprising right of how the bible is so ahead of its time, the first zombie story wasn't even out a few hundred years later.

So,to make things more Easter-ish i went Youtube to hunt up and down for a video that sums up the meaning of Easter quite precisely. About the real story and stuff, no zombie invasion though. Plus there's no need for me to write lots of philosophical stuff and having you get bored halfway.

The video is the soundtrack of the Passion of Christ movie directed by Mel Gibson.

Hoped you enjoyed the video. Or at least watched it halfway :p

Well, Happy Egg Hunting for the rest of the day then!
Tell me if you managed to catch the bunny too.
Maybe we can have barbecue (BBQ) bunny with fried eggs tonight to celebrate Easter. Yay!


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