Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pre-Exam De-Stress Trip

A very wise man once used to say, "Too much stress is not good for health. Therefore it is advisable to go out once in a while to de-stress." Ok, maybe not exactly like that sentence, but you get the idea. And when could be a better time to de-stress than one week before the exam? Which is why when 90% of other students is busy camping the libraries, lounges, tables, toilets or whatever place they can find to study. 16 brave souls from NUS decided to do something completely different and went chilling out!

To formalize the event, we even gave our outing a name!

One reason was because we're watching the movie  
How To Train Your Dragon
(The movie got a 98% rating at RottenTomatoes, which tells heaps about the movie's quality because very very few movies can even hit more than 90% in the first place. It's nice, simple and exciting, so go watch it! Epic awesome-ness man!)

The other reason was, well, we're having rice for dinner after the movie. Hence the name DragonRice!
(There is an alternative explanation for the event's name, according to its creator, Lim Xian You, but i'll just stick with mine cause it's less confusing)

And also to fully formalize our event besides just giving it a cool name, we also brought a Canon 50D camera to cover the event, i mean the outing, along with a full time photographer!
Mr Teh Jason, our full time photographer, not the handsome-est photographer around but at least he works for free.

That's me trying to copy the handsome Jason pose

With a cool event name and a free photographer in place, we're off to de-stress! Following our event's objective, all of the members in our group tried all sorts of activity to de-stress (aside from watching the movie and eating the rice). Among our various ventures to learn which activity helps us to de-stress the most:

1.) Helping out the security division of the shopping mall

2.) Holding a cheek pinching competition

3.) Auditioning to work part-time as lingerie models

4.) Wearing pink!

5.) Chalking up a huge sum of money on our food bill

6.) Trying to capture Mr Patrick who is extremely camera shy in our photos
As you can see, he keeps trying to run away from the photographer

7.) Kicking each others' balls. Literally

8.) Last but not least, following the popular trend of the youths in our society today, most of our members also tried acting cute, acting cool and acting like dunno what. Also, the frequency of acting cute, acting cool and acting like dunno what is further increased with the presence of the DSLR camera around.

Lukey Acting Cute

 Patrick looking cute with the lollipop

Cixin acting cute

Teh Jason trying to look cute with the tongue

Emilia trying to be cute even in the background

Vivian acting cute

Xian Yong imitating the cuteness of some Korean celebrity

Kok Weng looking chicken-y cool with his vest on his head

Sie Wee and Chenfang looking cool together (jealous... >.<)

Huang Hua and Carolyn looking cool too!

Mr Lim Xian You, cute as ever

And of course, the dunno-what pose award goes to:
Shu Hui, Erin and Eunice!

Well, in the end, despite all the activities that we tried out in our quest to de-stress, i think most of us would agree that nothing beats de-stressing as compared to hanging out together with friends. What's the point of acting cute alone anyway without your handsome friend there to take your photo? And watching movies alone can be so depressing.

Friends ROCK to the max!

Okay, de-stress time is officially over! Time to go back, stress and continue my study!



lol....since when NUS has a camwhore class..u all so good in camwhoring lar :-P


i feel the happiness from u guys ^^ =)

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