Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exhbitionist girlfriends in Singapore!

I'm never a big fan of, especially the Singapore Seen section. Mostly because all that people ever do there is to suddenly become oh-so-self-righteous and condemn the people who break societal rules to hell when they're not in real life. And it's sometimes a blatant abuse of privacy and mind your own business kind of thing. (For those who have no clue about what is, it's basically a website in Singapore where you can post outrageous pictures, stories or videos from your everday life and let other Singaporeans see and comment on it. Suffice to say it's an online gossip website)

But of course, like all other human beings who just know how to talk but do not follow through with their actions, i sometimes do break my talk of not visiting Stomp. Like when i have nothing to blog about. Or when i'm itching to catch up with the latest scandals scandals my new home. Scandals like, "Half-naked girl and BF get intimate in full view of neighbours."

I must say that even after a year in Singapore, i still sometimes find stories like this a bit amazing. I've heard stories about how liberal Singaporeans can be, but making out in the public certainly did not cross my mind as liberal. It's just strange how people choose the places to do their intimate business. My guess is that they're still very young, presumably below 18, because older people will have the sense of getting intimate in places more private, like in a house or a lift at least. At least the acts would not be so open to public, you see. Or perhaps the girl is aiming to become the next Singaporean made Paris Hilton.

And of course, this would not be the first time scandals like this emerge. There are also tons of other overly-public-display-of-affection all over Stomp if to take the extra effort to find it.

In regards to these type of public display of affection being posted on Stomp, there's those complain about how the values of Singaporean teenagers are going down the drain and laments about how bad the Singapore society is nowadays. On the other hand, there are also people who just couldn't care less and would be happy to bump into these type of things in real life.

As for me, i just wonder how come Singapore birth rates can be still so low even with all these daring acts going on? I mean, even if public intimate acts are so abundant, imagine the number of those done away from prying eyes, in homes for example. Well, perhaps the condoms here are more efficient. And Stomp is definitely the place to go just to keep yourself amused with all kinds of antics that only Singaporeans can pull it off. Stomp, the ultimate gossip corner.


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