Monday, September 20, 2010

Holy cow! I think i won myself a Nokia X6!

I think i did. No, it couldn't be. I've never won anything in my life, not an alarm clock, not a cup, not even a fridge magnet. Perhaps some tissue paper but never more than that. It must be some kind of mistake. Maybe it's a more famous blogger who is using the same name as me. Lukey d 2nd! He would would call himself. 
Maybe i should just stop being so paranoid that the email is a hoax or it was wrongfully sent to me. And with trembling fingers, i'm now gonna open the email again. Just to verify.





Holy Cow!

Holy Pig!

Holy Lukey!

I actually did! A free new phone! Nokia X6!  
(I must admit my knowledge about this phone is severely limited so i'm just gonna act happy because it's free and it's my very first time winning something other than tissue papers, so wohoo!)

A great big thanks to Nuffnang and also Nokia for picking me as one of the lucky winners! One of the reasons why Nokia is so much better than Apple, because unlike Apple, Nokia does not send you an email telling you that you've won an iPhone 4G when actually all it wants is your passwords and confidential information! Haha!


Sorry bad joke, i'm just not a big fan of Apple. Maybe i'll like Apple if i actually win an iPad or iPhone from those countless emails, pop up windows and advertisements. If. 

Ok, happy time's over. I'll have to return to my self imposed solitary confinement after what happened yesterday. Thankfully there's a new X6 to cheer me up. I mean the perceived presence of the X6 because i couldn't really get it til i go back to SG, but yeah, it's better than nothing for now. Cheers.

To view the post that i submitted for the X6 competition, please check out the link below:-
Nokia X6 has the X-Factor! @


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